Holly Crossen, Psy.D.

Dr. Holly Crossen, PsyD

Holly Crossen Psy.D. has served the Portland Metro area clinically and institutionally for over 20 years. Since beginning her work in psychology she has worked with children and youth ages zero to twenty-five providing psychological assessments, forensic assessment, therapy, training and consultation.

Dr. Crossen is a licensed clinical psychologist who started a private practice in December of 2005. Her interest in working with children started in High School where she studied early childhood development. She became fascinated by the development of young minds and began to learn as much as she could intent on becoming a teacher. As she learned more, she began to notice that the children she enjoyed working with most typically struggled with issues such as divorce, shyness, disabilities, aggression and the like. It was then when her focus shifted from becoming a teacher to becoming a Psychologist.

She began working with emotionally disturbed youth in 1994 at Waverly Children's Home as a line staff in one of their residential treatment programs. She worked there for three years and learned many valuable lessons about relating to and understanding the young mind.

Holly then began working at Project Network with mother's in recovery and their children. It was here, working with drug and alcohol affected children that she found her calling. Noticing a lack of information and resources to help substance effected kids, she began to specialize in the field of prenatal exposure.

That is when she took a position at Children's Center in Vancouver, WA working on a Research and Development Grant for adoptive parents of prenatally exposed youth.

Still working to complete her degree, Holly spent time under the supervision of psychologist Orin Bolstad providing assessments and clinical work. She also worked with the chronically mentally ill such as Schizophrenia and Bipolar affected individuals.

Before starting her own practice, Dr. Crossen worked with the Oregon Youth Authority as a Psychology Intern, Resident and finally as a Licensed Psychologist. There she provided risk assessments, group therapy and individual counseling tailored to meet the needs of regular and special needs adjudicated youth.

Dr. Crossen received her Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University, an APS accredited University, in August of 2004 and began Crossen Psychological Services in September of 2006.