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Providing evidence based-therapy, evaluations, and expert witness testimony throughout Oregon and Washington.

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Children in need of a Psychologist


As an Oregon Forensic Evaluator we are certified to provide Competency (Aid & Assist) and Criminal Responsibility (GBI) evaluations for juvenile criminal cases. A psychological evaluation can also determine the presence of a learning disability, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, or eligibility for a 504 plan or IEP.

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Our licensed Psychologists specialize in advanced evidence-based therapy proven to improve the mental and behavioral health of children and families. Family and individual therapy using evidence-based strategies can help children with behavior, anxiety, mood, and social skills.

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We provide training, supervision, and consultation to many mental health agencies, schools, legal professionals, and clinicians. Individualized consultations with parents can help address common parenting concerns including tantrums, picky eating, sleep problems and toilet training.

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Juvenile Forensic Psychology

Dr. Holly Crossen specializes in forensic psychological evaluations for juveniles facing criminal charges in state and federal court. Her work is highly respected throughout the criminal justice system.

Dr. Crossen has completed hundreds of forensic evaluations and provided expert witness testimony in counties throughout Oregon and Washington. Her comprehensive reports help judicial participants understand the relationship between the client’s mental health and the alleged conduct.

Dr. Crossen has extensive experience with a variety of referrals, including:

  • Criminal responsibility (GEI)
  • Fitness to stand trial / proceed
  • Risk of violence
  • Diminished capacity
  • Competency
  • Sex offender risk / recidivism
  • Sentencing mitigation
  • Juvenile waiver assessment

Trusted by clients, lawyers, and judges, Dr. Crossen’s work is the gold standard of juvenile forensic evaluation and testimony.

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Age Appropriate Therapy

Grade School Student

Grade School

Concerned about your child’s academic, emotional, or social development?

Teen Student
Middle & High School

Worried about your teen’s mood, behavior, or ability to manage anger?

College Student
Young Adults & College

Struggling to manage the demands of school, work, and social situations?

Dr. Holly Crossen

Trainings & Sepaking Engagements

To best support a child's development, the adults around them must know what to do!

Dr. Holly Crossen trains parents, mental health professionals, and members of the legal community on a variety of topics related to juvenile mental health. She believes when parents and professionals have proper training we can improve the mental health of children, teens, and young adults.

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Therapy Online

Now offering remote therapy and limited assesments via Zoom appointments.

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