Forensic Psychology

Dr. Holly Crossen is a seasoned forensic psychologist, offering her expertise as a witness and consultant in Oregon and Washington. Her proficiency extends across various court settings, from criminal and juvenile to family cases. Her reputation as a clinician is highly esteemed amongst her peers, as she regularly serves as an expert witness in diverse areas, including general psychology, child psychology, forensic psychology, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and child custody cases.

Recognized as one of the preeminent forensic psychologists in the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Crossen offers a wide range of services, including psychological consultation, testing and evaluation, neuropsychological evaluation, and the creation of expert reports. Her capabilities extend to providing expert witness testimony in court.

Dr. Crossen has an impressive track record of working collaboratively with legal professionals, addressing an array of forensic psychological matters. She possesses a rare skill to articulate her findings in clear, accessible language, enabling judges and juries to comprehend and value her insights. This clarity permeates her written reports, evaluations, and courtroom testimonies, significantly aiding in the elucidation of legal issues.

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