As an Oregon Forensic Evaluator we are certified to provide Competency (Aid & Assist) and Criminal Responsibility (GBI) evaluations for juvenile criminal cases. A psychological evaluation can also determine the presence of a learning disability, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, or eligibility for a 504 plan or IEP.

Testing for Children & Teens

We provide a variety of evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of psychological, developmental, and educational difficulties. Our specialized training and experience allow us to quickly identify, target and prioritize specific problem areas.

An assessment and report created by the Crossen Psychological Services team are thorough, detailed, and written in easy-to-understand language.

Neuropsychological Evaluations

In most cases, formal neuropsychological testing is the only way to understand how a child thinks and solves problems. Questioning and observing children will only result in superficial information.

A trained professional can, in real-time, assess the different aspects of intelligence, learning, memory, language, visual-spatial, executive functioning, personality, and social-emotional functioning. They can take their findings and integrate the information into a meaningful story about the child.

Neuropsychological (or Psychoeducational Testing) is an assessment that measures and identifies cognitive, motor, behavioral and linguistic impairment and functioning in children. It is a way to evaluate the structure of brain function by looking at a child's thinking skills and information processing.

A typical neuropsychological evaluation covers areas such as attention and concentration, memory and learning, language, visual-spatial skills, motor, and sensory skills, intellectual functioning, higher-level executive skills, mood, and personality.

For children and adolescents, early intervention is key. Research indicates that when kids with difficulties are identified early and provided with adequate accommodations and treatment show the greatest gains and fare the best in the long term. Formal neuropsychological testing is one of the best ways to do this.

Testing Process

Our neuropsychological testing involves an interview and standardized tests. These are conducted by a Psychologist with special training in diagnostic assessment. The tests are paper-based and are given in the same manner to all clients. The psychological testing can take a significant amount of time, ranging from 4 to 8 hours.

During the interview, the psychologist gathers information about you or your child’s background, medical history, physical status, and current concerns in order to best understand test results and make useful recommendations.

Before testing, the psychologist will pertinent review medical, academic, and legal records. Once the evaluation is completed, you will be provided a comprehensive report.

Our Reports

We pride ourselves on well-written, comprehensive reports that are easy to understand.

Our testing service is unique in that we are:

Responsive: We work quickly to gather necessary information, administer the tests, provide valuable feedback and write a comprehensive report. We also support families every step of the way, even after feedback and delivering the report, because we know the journey can feel overwhelming at times.

Comprehensive: We know the best evaluations include the most relevant information, assess all the necessary domains of functioning, and integrate the information seamlessly into a single narrative. A licensed psychologist with specialized neuropsychological training will perform all of the testing, not students or trainees.

Solution-Focused: Often times there will be a number of recommendations that cannot all be done at the same time. We will prioritize which treatments and interventions are most important in a way that does not feel overwhelming. We also provide helpful referrals to people we trust to ensure continuity of care.

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