Prenatal Exposure

Dr. Holly Crossen stands as a beacon of knowledge and expertise in the Pacific Northwest when it comes to understanding and addressing the impacts of prenatal exposure. As a seasoned Clinical Child Psychologist, she has dedicated her professional career to studying and mitigating the effects of prenatal substance exposure on child development.

Her comprehensive understanding of the complex issues surrounding prenatal exposure has made her a sought-after expert in this specialized field. Dr. Crossen's robust professional background, which encompasses both research and clinical practice, has equipped her to approach prenatal exposure from a uniquely holistic perspective. She effectively blends scientific understanding with practical therapeutic approaches to provide the best care and advice for affected children and their families.

Dr. Crossen's work involves a detailed examination of the physical, emotional, and cognitive consequences of prenatal exposure, ensuring that she can deliver the most effective and personalized therapeutic strategies. She employs cutting-edge assessment methods and innovative treatment plans to support the well-being of children and to guide families and professionals alike.

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