Dr. Holly Crossen

Dr. Holly Crossen, PsyD

Dr. Holly Crossen has lived in Portland her entire life. She even attended college here graduating from Mt. Hood Community College with her Associates, Portland State University with her Bachelors, and Pacific University for her Doctorate. That is why she is proud to have served the families of the Portland/Vancouver Metro area clinically and institutionally for over 20 years.

Now a licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Holly's interest in working with children started while attending Franklin High School where she studied early childhood development. It was there she became fascinated by the development of young minds.

Since those early days, she has worked with children and youth on a wide range of issues from divorce, shyness, disabilities, aggression and attachment. These interactions have made her a foremost expert on Prenatal Exposure, Reactive Attachment Disorder and Forensic Risk Assessment.